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Haunted Hiking

With Halloween happening mid-week this year, I felt like celebrating in a more low key manner than usual. My friends recently got some new camping equipment so it was perfect timing to get into the Halloween spirit with a camping trip! Some of you might be thinking, what does camping have to do with Halloween?! Let’s see, leaves falling on the trees, telling ghost stories by the camp fire, and eating too many sweets (nobody can resist having just one s’more!). The trip was definitely festive in spirit.

We travelled north from Los Angeles and within two hours arrived at our camping destination, Bear Campground. I was reassured that no bears lived nearby, but I was a bit skeptic. Did they just pull the name out of thin air? Nevertheless, there were no run-ins with bears and the weather turned out to be beautiful. We hiked, played card games, and simply enjoyed nature. Check out the gigantic pine cone we found on the side of the road as well as the pictures from our hike!

Entering the Campground

View from our Hike

Oversized Pine Cone


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Squash Attack

It’s starting to get a bit cooler in Los Angeles these days and I’ve been in the mood for fall comfort food. As I was at the farmer’s market picking up my annual pumpkin, I noticed Acorn Squash on sale two for $1.00. Who could pass up a deal like that?! I started searching for a recipe but so many of them had a lot of sugar and butter, um heart attack anyone? So I fiddled around in the kitchen and made a festive new recipe. Now I didn’t go to culinary school, so it’s nothing fancy but my White Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash turned out really good in my opinion. Here’s the recipe…


2 Acorn Squash

1 Cup White Beans

4 Slices of Bacon (I used Turkey Bacon for less fat)

1/3 Cup Walnuts

1/4 Cup Honey

1 TSP Cinnamon

1 TSP Salt

1/4 TSP Olive Oil

Cut squash in half, scoop out seeds and set aside. Place squash face down on baking sheet. Fill sheet with 1/4 of an inch of water. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 min.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes and spoon out squash in a separate bowl. Keep the squash skins as these will be used as “bowls” for a unique presentation. After the squash is cooked it smells so good, your kitchen will smell like Autumn!

Add the scooped out squash, white beans, honey, cinnamon, and salt into mixer and puree until combined.

Cut bacon into bits and cook over stove, add puree mixture to bacon. Then fold in walnuts.

Scoop white bean and squash mixture into squash bowls. Top with squash seed topping.

This recipe made two bowls, if you are looking to make enough to feed four you can always double the recipe. The end result is sweet and savory. Not to mention, you get fiber from the beans and lots of vitamin a from squash seeds. Try this recipe instead of the predictable sweet potato casserole this season.

* Replace the bacon for mushrooms and sausage to the recipe it reads more of a main dish instead of a side item.

Squash Seed Topping:

Set oven to 275 degrees. Rinse off squash seeds and add olive oil and salt. Lay flat on baking sheet and cook for 20 minutes.


Acorn Squash – The Main Ingredient

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Dodger Day

Even though we don’t have an NFL team, Los Angeles is a huge sports town! I mean come on! The Lakers? The Dodgers?… enough said.

Unfortunately basketball season hasn’t started yet, so really all we have at the moment is Dodger’s baseball! Up until this past weekend, I had never been to a Dodger’s game, and it’s been on my list of things to do for a while now. Summer weather is coming to an end and that means baseball is coming to an end as well, so this weekend it had to happen!

There’s something so fun about going to a baseball game. It makes me feel so “American” and nostalgic for childhood (I didn’t grow up watching baseball often, but the children always look like they are having the time of their lives!). So off to Dodger Stadium I went!

The Dodgers were playing the Colorado Rockies on Sunday afternoon. I went to the game with a few friends, and it was a great experience! The temperature was over 100 degrees….crazy!!!! Luckily our seats were in the shade and after a water purchase, the heat wasn’t that bad. Staying hydrated is key! It took me about fifteen minutes of watching the game to really get into it. Baseball seems to go at a much slower pace than basketball and football, so it usually takes me a few minutes to adjust. The Dodgers put on a great game and won  7 to 1!!! What a perfect way to end the summer!

The Stadium

Me at the Game

A Famous “Dodger Dog”

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Somerset Style

We held our second official fashion show at Macy’s Somerset last week!

See pictures from the event below:

Sales associates model for the event.


Retail Merchandiser Laura, her Selling Manager, Judy, and Retail Merchandiser, Becky after the event.

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CIA: Not Just National Security

This past weekend, I headed to Westchester to celebrate my boyfriend and his brother’s birthday with their family outside the city. From their home in Yorktown (think mountain trails, crickets chirping, and the crisp feel of autumn in the air) we took a drive up to the CIA. While lie detector tests, and information on past secret operatives may have been more appealing to the boys, we were not headed to the Central Intelligence Agency. Where we were headed, was the Culinary Institute of America.

Alma Mater to famous epicurean alumni such as David Burke, Anthony Bourdain, Rocco DiSpirito, and even Lonnie and Karen Kane’s own niece, the CIA is known for it’s rigorous training in technique, taste, and creative culinary endeavors. The beautiful campus, idyllic in the New York countryside, boasts several student restaurants where family and foodies alike can go to sample their executions of five-star delicacies.

We ate in the famed french outpost, Escoffier and the menu and wine list did not dissapoint.  Our server, a little green for an impending graduate, made a few mistakes along the way but more than made up for it with his flaming flambe.

My boyfriend, Avi, and I outside the CIA.

Our waiter prepping his flambe pan.

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Friends and Film Sets

This past week three of my best friends from college came to visit me in the city; for one, it was her first trip. With that being said, she composed a detailed itinerary of what she wanted to accomplish. When I received this via email the only thing crossing my mind was “wahoo buddy, I am in for a long four days.”

For those of you who know me I hardly follow itineraries. I am more of live in the moment and go with the flow kind of girl. Trying to play the role of a “good hostess,” I did my best to abide by it…

We went to Times Square, the Empire State Building, Wall Street,  and the 9/11 Memorial. We also failed at an attempt to see the Statue of Liberty (naturally we missed the last tour by five minuets). Once she felt that she was shopped out and enough was checked off her list it was my turn to give a little tour. So we hit some of my favorite places:

We went to the Ainsworth (Alabama football bar) to watch the “Tide Roll”, had lunch on the roof of Eataly, and finished up at the Frying Pan. After leaving there we wondered over to the Chelsea Piers where much to  my surprise they were  filming Law and Order SVU. It was a closed filming but we managed to sneak past security into their studio. OH.MY.GOSH. it was awesome! I got to see Ice T’s adorable dogs as well as the set. Once people began to notice we were not part of the crew (I think this may have had something to do with my friends outfit….tennis shoes and jeans….. a big no no if you ask me) we were asked to leave. Yeah, being asked to leave by actors dressed as cops was not my proudest moment, but it was still awesome and one of my few claims to fame!

Being so far from home, I rarely get the chance to see my friends and miss them dearly. I had one of the best weekends in a long time and look forward to their next trip up here!

Celie and her friends at the Fying Pan.

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The Traditions of Football….

The weather is starting to cool and the season is starting to change. Fall is beginning and Football is underway! I have been looking forward to this season all year long (Football that is). I actually have a countdown to football on my phone.

I know you might laugh, but when we hit four weeks until kickoff I send my boyfriend an email with a photo and “football statistic” for every week. (Normally it would be the other way around!!!) Being from the South you look forward to watching college football on Saturday’s. Traditions are big. The first game I pulled out all of my gear, made Alabama cupcakes and “football munchies” and made sure everyone was ready for the BIG game! It’s well under way and Alabama is 3-0 and has taken the lead at No.1! Do you have traditions that you absolutely love?


Like they say… There’s nothing like football in the South!



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