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Century City pioneers the Karen Kane “Store within a Store”

Karen Kane, in order to better serve our customers, is beginning the process of making various “shops.” With this new layout, customers will be fully immersed in the Karen Kane lifestyle while shopping. The collection will have more room to be displayed, and will look more visually appealing. All of this is being done to improve the shopping experience for our customers.

One of the first of these stores just opened in Macy’s in Century City. We think it looks fantastic! What do you think?

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Macy’s Southdale Karen Kane Fashion Show

Macy’s Southdale held a Karen Kane fashion show on Saturday, June 15th. The models were all Karen Kane customers who were all really excited to model the Summer 2013 collection. The show was a really great event, with makeup by Lancome, a stage, a DJ, and refreshments at the end. Everyone had a great time!

Some of the pieces featured in the show include: the Karen Kane Paint Splash Sharkbite Top (2L11017), Sleeveless Cross Front Wrap Top (2L13093), Aztec Feather Silk Drawstring Kimono (2L31544), Split Neck Knot Top (2L28183), Beverly Print Pant (2L29543), Leopard Print Jean (2L55514), Sheath Dress (2L10558), Knot Front Paint Splash Dress (2L11016), Contrast Maxi Tank Dress (2L13084), Kate Lace Tank Dress (L36527), and Melrose Halter Dress (2L23534).

The models in their first looks

The models in their second looks

2 of our fantastic models: shown in the Leopard Print Jean with Sleeveless Cross Front Wrap Top and Split Neck Knot Top with the Beverly Pant

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Fashion Show In the Valley

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone in Southern California is getting ready for the holidays. What better way to celebrate the season than with a fashion show!

This week we did just that. I had 14 customers volunteer to walk in our Macy’s Valencia Karen Kane Fashion Show. The show featured all the newest holiday fashions.

Our December collection is called Cosmopolitan, it features cool grays, bright pinks, and all the must have trends. Sequins, lace and color blocking to name a few. There are tons of styles perfect for any city adventure!

Here’s some of the models taking a moment to get to know each other before the show. The bright pink really does look great on all of the women.

Models in Karen Kane Cosmopolitan Collection

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Somerset Style

We held our second official fashion show at Macy’s Somerset last week!

See pictures from the event below:

Sales associates model for the event.


Retail Merchandiser Laura, her Selling Manager, Judy, and Retail Merchandiser, Becky after the event.

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Fashion’s Night Out

Grab your wallets and your new heels ladies, tonight is Fashion’s Night Out! Some of us at the Karen Kane showroom, here in New York City, will go strolling down the street after the office to check out Macy’s Herald Square on 34th st. Nothing short of a miracle, the “World’s Largest Department Store” will be unveiling the “World’s Largest Shoe Floor” tonight while hosting a plethora of of other activities from a Benefit Cosmetics bash with one of our favorite reality t.v. stars, Emily Maynard to party hosting tips with the Macy’s Culinary Council and complimentary cocktails. Of course, we will be sure to check out the 5th floor to get some fashion advice from Clinton Kelly and shop the Karen Kane Fall Collection. Stay tuned for pics from the events!








Down in Tampa, International Plaza hosted a variety of fun FNO events. Check out the Karen Kane catwalk and models on the runway outside Dillard’s (below).

The Catwalk

Model wearing our V-Neck Bow Blouse from the Sequoia collection. Click to get the look!

Model showcasing our Chevron dress from the Sequoia collection. Click to get the look!

Back in New York at the Lord & Taylor flagship on 39th street, women shopping Fashion’s Night Out tried their luck at the Karen Kane lock box. The box contained a $600 Karen Kane shopping spree for one lucky winner with the matching key. At 10:27 pm we found our woman!

Women trying their keys at the lock box.

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Karen Kane Spring Fashion Show at Macy’s Aventura

Thank you to all of the fabulous customers who modeled looks during our recent Spring fashion show at Macy’s Aventura Mall! We had so much fun styling them in fabulous looks for the new season. Check out the events page at karenkane.com to find out when the next fashion show will be coming to a store near you! To watch the show, check it out below.

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Karen Kane Team Member of the Moment: Amanda Hunter

At Karen Kane, we pride ourselves on seeking out great individuals to represent our brand and help bring it to life in the best way possible for our customers. Sometimes, we get lucky and those great individuals find us. Amanda Hunter is exactly one of those cases. I’m very happy to share Amanda’s excitement for our brand and provide you with a bit more of a peek behind the curtains of Karen Kane. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank Amanda for being a truly stellar representative of Karen Kane. Her passionate enthusiasm and strong dedication to our customers make us extremely proud to call her a colleague and friend.

Amanda Hunter - Karen Kane Retail Merchandiser

Name: Amanda Hunter

Time employed at Karen Kane: 4 years

Position: Retail Merchandiser (regions covered: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia; stores visited: Belk, Dillard’s, Macy’s)

How did you end up working at Karen Kane? What was it like when you first started?

I was working for Belk, a large department store chain in the southeast, as an Area Sales Manager for the Ladies Better Sportswear area which carried the Karen Kane line.  I wore the merchandise, sold it to customers, and had formed a strong relationship with the Karen Kane representative that covered the area.  She noticed my passion for merchandising the product and enthusiasm when new groups would arrive at the store.  I really wanted to do more with Karen Kane as a company because I heard so many great things from our rep that visited the store.  I inquired about the position and the rest is history.  I have loved my job since day one!

When I first started, I really had to get to know my territory well to avoid getting lost! MapQuest (and later my GPS) became my best friends on the road – to this day I never leave home without one or the other!

Amanda poses with two other Karen Kane retail merchandisers - Jessica Piric and Courtney Richardson

What aspects of working at Karen Kane do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy working with my specialists and associates who sell Karen Kane.  Building the business and brand awareness has always been a personal goal of mine. I love working with customers and dressing them in clothes that make them feel good about themselves.  It is very rewarding to see customers living and embodying the Karen Kane brand.

What are some things you always hear on the road?

As a retail merchandiser for Karen Kane, I receive many customers asking whether or not merchandise fits well on them.  Without a doubt, the one question I always hear is:  ”Will my husband like this on me?”!!!  Needless to say, I have not received a complaint from a husband yet!

Amanda provides some tips at a recent fashion show at Belk Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia

What’s your fondest memory working at Karen Kane?

There are so many fond memories, but one in particular really stands out.  It actually occurred a few months before my position came open.  The store where I was working received a visit from Lonnie Kane [Karen's husband, Lonnie, runs the company with her], his Vice President, and the Belk Account Executive at the time.  It meant so much to me and the people that I worked with and my specialist.  The Belk store where I worked was not that big, but consistently showed a strong business in Karen Kane.  They had meetings in the Charlotte area and wanted to come by and see this store.  Everyone was so nice and Lonnie was very personable and funny!  He brought a special gift basket just for specialist who had been in the position for 10 years.   When I found out about the job opening for representative a few months later, he and his team were one of the reasons why I wanted to work for Karen Kane.

What is something that no one at Karen Kane knows about you?

I can hold my own when it comes to talking about sports!  College basketball, MLB, NBA, NFL, etc.  Believe it or not, my favorite show to watch on Sunday morning is ESPN’s “Sports Reporters”!

Amanda poses for a quick photo with the Karen Kane specialist at Belk in Asheville, North Carolina

Have you changed in any way since starting at Karen Kane?

I feel that I have grown up a lot and continue to grow everyday.  I credit much of that to the kind and caring boss that I have.  Shawn Hockney has been a great influence to me and one of the contributing factors for my success with this company. Also, all employees that I have met, whether they are in the showroom, factory, or one of the other RMs, have made some sort of impact on me that has helped me be successful.

What is it like to work at Karen Kane?

When I wake up every morning, I just enjoy going to my job.  Well, maybe not the 4:00 am mornings when I have to catch a flight… but once I get going, it is so much fun!  I love the fact that we are a small company because I feel that I have a voice and that I am heard.


Amanda and fellow RM, Angie Crego, in front of Times Square


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