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CIA: Not Just National Security

This past weekend, I headed to Westchester to celebrate my boyfriend and his brother’s birthday with their family outside the city. From their home in Yorktown (think mountain trails, crickets chirping, and the crisp feel of autumn in the air) we took a drive up to the CIA. While lie detector tests, and information on past secret operatives may have been more appealing to the boys, we were not headed to the Central Intelligence Agency. Where we were headed, was the Culinary Institute of America.

Alma Mater to famous epicurean alumni such as David Burke, Anthony Bourdain, Rocco DiSpirito, and even Lonnie and Karen Kane’s own niece, the CIA is known for it’s rigorous training in technique, taste, and creative culinary endeavors. The beautiful campus, idyllic in the New York countryside, boasts several student restaurants where family and foodies alike can go to sample their executions of five-star delicacies.

We ate in the famed french outpost, Escoffier and the menu and wine list did not dissapoint.  Our server, a little green for an impending graduate, made a few mistakes along the way but more than made up for it with his flaming flambe.

My boyfriend, Avi, and I outside the CIA.

Our waiter prepping his flambe pan.

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Friends and Film Sets

This past week three of my best friends from college came to visit me in the city; for one, it was her first trip. With that being said, she composed a detailed itinerary of what she wanted to accomplish. When I received this via email the only thing crossing my mind was “wahoo buddy, I am in for a long four days.”

For those of you who know me I hardly follow itineraries. I am more of live in the moment and go with the flow kind of girl. Trying to play the role of a “good hostess,” I did my best to abide by it…

We went to Times Square, the Empire State Building, Wall Street,  and the 9/11 Memorial. We also failed at an attempt to see the Statue of Liberty (naturally we missed the last tour by five minuets). Once she felt that she was shopped out and enough was checked off her list it was my turn to give a little tour. So we hit some of my favorite places:

We went to the Ainsworth (Alabama football bar) to watch the “Tide Roll”, had lunch on the roof of Eataly, and finished up at the Frying Pan. After leaving there we wondered over to the Chelsea Piers where much to  my surprise they were  filming Law and Order SVU. It was a closed filming but we managed to sneak past security into their studio. OH.MY.GOSH. it was awesome! I got to see Ice T’s adorable dogs as well as the set. Once people began to notice we were not part of the crew (I think this may have had something to do with my friends outfit….tennis shoes and jeans….. a big no no if you ask me) we were asked to leave. Yeah, being asked to leave by actors dressed as cops was not my proudest moment, but it was still awesome and one of my few claims to fame!

Being so far from home, I rarely get the chance to see my friends and miss them dearly. I had one of the best weekends in a long time and look forward to their next trip up here!

Celie and her friends at the Fying Pan.

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Fall is Football Season…

So school is finally back in session and just like magic in the northeast, it already feels like Fall. The coolness of the nights, the need for a sweatshirt on the weekend mornings, and the start of the football season is here.

This past Sunday before we headed out of the house to my son’s first football game of the year, he requested 2 waffles, fruit and bacon. He said, “I need to eat a lot so I can have energy on the field.” At almost 8 years old I can assure you he always has energy – I just wish I could borrow a bit sometimes!

After a hearty breakfast Jack got dressed in his uniform and looked so proud. I stood back and could not believe how big he had gotten (the padding adds quite a lot also). As a Mom, I was nervous for him as I  do not want him to get hurt, but this is something he really wanted to do and practiced for all summer.

So off we went in the car and on the way he asked me to play some “rock” on the radio. This gave me a chuckle and I played some Katy Perry (one of his favorites but clearly not what I would term rock; I mean, I grew up in the 80′s ACDC is rock!).  He sang the whole way to the game and was so excited to get on the field and play.

His team did well and they shut out their opponents.  When the game was over and he came off the field he ran and gave me a huge hug and said, “that was so fun!” Then my little boy asked if he could take off his padding and go play on the playground. I sighed a sense of relief the game was over and happily watched him climb and swing.

I know being a parent is the toughest job anyone can do, and I also know it is the most rewarding, amazing gift to watch your kids grow up. So week one of football is down and this Mom has survived!

Jack in his uniform, ready to play!

With the cousins, about to hit the playground.

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Life’s A Grape!

Fall is upon us and Summer is slowly whisking away… so before it faded, I had to do one of my rituals: Wine tasting on Long Island!

Long island is home to over 60 vineyards and 42 are open to the public. I gathered up the girls from the city and headed to the island for a fun filled day. We visited seven wineries with my favorite being Sparkling Point as our last stop. To be out of the city and enjoying the nature all around us was wonderful! Being from the South I am use to the lush greenery surrounding me everyday so it felt amazing to be back in those surroundings. We ended our tour dancing the night away at Claudio’s overlooking the ocean. It was perfect! If you ever get a chance to visit the wineries on Long Island I promise they won’t disappoint.

So “Cheers” to a wonderful past weekend with wonderful friends and “cheers” to the next one in store!

Happy Friday everyone!

My fellow “Southern Belle”, Celie, and me in one of the vineyards!


Dusk settles in.



Some of my favorite vineyards: Clovis Point, Sparkling Point, Duck Walk Vineyards, Pindar Vineyards & Palmer Vineyards

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